January 20, 2018

Capacity Building

Capacity building enables nonprofit organizations and their leaders to develop competencies and skills that can make them more effective and sustainable, thus increasing the potential for organisations to enrich lives and solve society’s most intractable problems. Your Ideas Matter under the aegis of the European Patients’ Forum is implementing in two consequitive years a Capacity Building Programme for patients organisations.

Capacity Building Programme, Module on Fundrasing (2018)

The module was implemented for 17 patient organisations in Bulgaria. The module is designed to support patient organizations in diversifying the sources of income which would allow them to achieve a greater level of sustainability and independence. The program explore the topics of fundraising sources and techniques, and how to achieve the sustainable fundraising in accountable and transparent manner. Participants benefit from presentations and practical activities, including the task to develop their own fundraising strategies and plans. The module is a combination of face-to-face trainings and organisational coaching concerning participants’ individual fundraising strategies and plans.

Capacity Building Programme, Module on Empowering Leadership & Positive Governance (2018).

The module is implemented for 24 patients organisation from different countries, operating at national and/or European level. The module aims to strengthen patient organisations by enhancing their leaders’ leadership skills and consequently enabling positive governance, with the final objective of supporting patient organisations in positioning themselves as legitimate stakeholders, strong advocates and reliable partners on the national and European health policy environment.

The module is a combination of face-to-face trainings, individual and group coaching on concrete topics. The module started with an online kick-off session during which participants met each other and further defined the scope of the modulem and is followed by a face to face two-day training session in Bratislava. The training layed down the foundation for a 4 months intense individual coaching programme and will be finalised with a face to face two-day international training session. The final element of the programme is the design and development of TOOLKIT on empowering leadership and positive governance to serve and improve patiant organisations’ day to day work.