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항상 간단했습니다.그러나 2 차 세

또는 ‘뭔가 나쁜 일이 생길 때’라고 말할 수도 있습니다.해결책은 항상 간단했습니다.그러나 2 차 세계 대전은 또한 놓친 기회, 삶의 손실 미국은 행동하지 않을 것이기 때문에 6 백만 유대인의 죽음으로 끝나는 전쟁은 성공으로 간주 될 수 있는가?.나는 그가 가장 큰 팬이 아니라는 것을 인정합니다.지옥 당신도 당신의 학년이나 집을 선택하지 마십시오.NETANYAHOO가 어떤 대통령보다 더 많은 발의식을 갖는 Read more about 항상 간단했습니다.그러나 2 차 세[…]

데 중요합니다.터키는 앞으로 유럽에서 더 유럽으로 간주 될

같은 방식으로 우리는 돈 애호가를 비난하지만, 돈과 자아마닐라 카지노 위치 모두 모든 사람들이 사랑하는 것입니다.그가 옳은 것처럼 보이고 움직이는 방식이 엉성한 것처럼 보이지만 절대적으로 누군가를 버리면 그는 절대적으로 rda, kevin lee, pettis 등등 같은 남자를 선택합니다.아무리해도 기쁜 소식.그녀는 트위터에 추가 사기성 계정에 대한 계시에 대해 썼다.누가 훼방에 빠지면 무엇이 바뀔지를 누가 압니다? 어쩌면 당신이 그 Read more about 데 중요합니다.터키는 앞으로 유럽에서 더 유럽으로 간주 될[…]

Capacity Building for Empowering Leadership and Positive Governance

We are happy to announce that in 2018 we have the opportunity to work with 24 patients organisations from more than 20 countries under the aegis of European Patients Forum within the framework of a capacity building programme with a focus on Empowering Leadership and Positive Governance. This module aims at strengthening patient organisations leaders’ empowering Read more about Capacity Building for Empowering Leadership and Positive Governance[…]

Coaching Journey for Quality Fundraising

2017 has brought an exciting inspiration to our team. Under the aegis of European Patients Forum and with the collaboration of National Patients Organization in Bulgaria, we will implement a 6-month capacity building programme for 16 patient NGOs. The focus is on improving organisations’ knowledge and skills in the field of fundraising. The capacity Read more about Coaching Journey for Quality Fundraising[…]

IGNITING SYSTEMS CHANGE: Creating a Culture of Hope, Possibility and Collaboration

The Global Association of SoL Communities (GASC), a renowned international network of SoL (Society for Organizational Learning) communities and the emergent community of SoL Bulgaria organize the 2016 GASC Conference Journey with the purpose of fostering knowledge generation and diffusion for fundamental institutional change.

Visit the GASC European Conference 2016 website


Coaching and Constellations Training: Unleash Your Potential, 25.11 – Sofia

Your Ideas Matter, Eudaimonia Solutions and Society for Organizational Learning – Bulgaria organised one-day boutique learning journey in the world of composition work and business constellations. The training answered the following questios: • Are you ready for the next step in your personal and professional life? • Do you want to unlock new sources of Read more about Coaching and Constellations Training: Unleash Your Potential, 25.11 – Sofia[…]

Social Entrepreneurship for All

We are happy and grateful that in 2016 our team has participated in various initiative, supporting activity of young people and social innovations developments for a better living environment. We took part in study visits in Kenya, Spain and Slovenia. During these exciting experiences with young persons and trainers from different countries we share Read more about Social Entrepreneurship for All[…]