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Since our establishment in 2015 we are placing the focus of our activities on trainings, research and education innovation design. We believe, that your ideas matter and we have the right set of skills and competences to turn these ideas into successful endeavours.

Popular Projects

Capacity Building

It enables nonprofit organizations and their leaders to develop competencies and skills that can make them more effective and sustainable, thus increasing the potential for organisations to enrich lives and solve society’s most intractable problems. 

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Design Thinking 

The starting point of our joint effort is supporting adult education trainers in the delivery of training to disadvantaged young adults through a methodology based on design thinking and aimed at civic engagement and participation.

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Women Empowerment

Voice UP equips adult trainers with the adequate methodology and resources in effective teaching of their courses to disadvantaged women who are trying to return to the job market.

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Check out our free access educational and training innovations developed as part of Erasmus+ projects and cooperation with our network of trainers and facilitators. 

Women empowerment manual

Board Game


Women Empowerment


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Weekly Resources


Voice Up Training Videos Are Live

VOICE UP VIDEOS We are happy to announce that our VOICE UP vides are live and ready to be used by trainers. The videos offer online self-learning opportunity for adult trainers, which will demonstrate how key exercises and methods described in the methodology can be...

VOICE UP board game on women empowerment is available in 6 languages

Voice UP equips adult trainers with the adequate methodology (Voice UP Guide for Training) and resources (Voice UP Online Training Activities and Voice UP Empowerment Game) in effective teaching of their courses to disadvantaged women who are trying to return to the...

VOICE UP Manual produced and published

We are happy to announce that VOICE UP manual had been produced and published available for adult trainers The Voice UP manual aims to support adult trainers in developing and implementing effective training methodology in their work with disadvantaged women...

Resilience training app in progress

Approach – How to Apply Practical and Successful Work Styles in Training Situations The Approach resilience training app is in process of development. This output will encourage trainers to develop habit of self-evaluation of their performance on an ongoing...

APPROACH Manual in diversity leadership is to be finalised

Approach – How to Apply Practical and Successful Work Styles in Training Situations Our diversity leadership manual, developed as part of the APPROACH project is in its final stage of development. In the manual trainers get to know different approaches to managing...

Voice UP multiplier event in Sofia

#Inspiration, #motivation, #empowerment and #womenstrengths marked our multiplier event, organised by Your Ideas Matter in Sofia, Bulgaria on September, 8th as part of the Voice UP - Women's successful job return project. The event was attended by 40+ people from...

Voice UP – Завръщане към пълноценен начин на живот

Заповядайте на едно малко по-различно събитие, по време на което ще представим проект "Voice UP - Women's successful job return" на 08.09.2021 г от 18:00 часа. В програмата на събитието ще се включат обучители и специалисти от България и Сенегал, които ще споделят...

2021 Capacity Building Programme on Fundraising and Engagement

For fifth year our team will work in cooperation with European Patients Forum to implement a capacity building programme for patient organisation from all over Europe. Between 25-30 organisation will be selected to engage in the 6-months programme with our team with...

Action for Future Adult Trainers’ Design Thinking Manual is in development

We are happy to announce that the main intellectual output, focus of the Action for Future project is in a process of active development. The first draft is already done and submitted to testing in focus groups in partner countries. Meanwhile, 15+ trainers from all...

Voice UP Methodological Guide for Training Delivery is to be published

We are happy to announce that our Voice Up first intellectual output, i.e the methodological GUIDE for training delivery will be ready to be publish in all 5 language versions (RO, BG, IT, NO, EN) very soon. The English version is already available in electronic...

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