We are happy to announce that our Voice Up first intellectual output, i.e the methodological GUIDE for training delivery will be ready to be publish in all 5 language versions (RO, BG, IT, NO, EN) very soon. The English version is already available in electronic format and ready to be used by trainers.

The work on the manual development took several months of joint efforts. The guide was tested through focus groups with 20+ trainers and piloted with 10+ disadvantaged women in all partner countries.


The Voice UP manual aims to support adult trainers in developing and implementing effective training methodology in their work with disadvantaged women returning on the job. The manual is part of the international cooperation project, supported by Erasmus+ and uniting the efforts of five organisations and their networks of affiliated partners from Romania, Austria, Norway, Italy and Bulgaria, supported by Erasmus+ programme. The manual aims to synthesise all relevant know-how in the field of empowering female learners and organizing learning experience in such a way to foster their motivation for learning and development. The manual contains 3 chapters presenting the methodological dos and don’ts in chapter 1, empowerment training paradigms and principles in chapter 2 and empowerment training methods in the final chapter.