We are happy to announce that the main intellectual output, focus of the Action for Future project is in a process of active development. The first draft is already done and submitted to testing in focus groups in partner countries. Meanwhile, 15+ trainers from all partner countries were part of a training, presenting the main principles of design thinking in interactive online mode and leaded by our team.


The objective of this output will be to provide a training methodology for adult trainers, working young adults in risk. This will be designed as a comprehensive trainer’s manual, combining all relevant know-how in the field of design thinking and how to organise the learning experience in such a way to foster learners’ motivation for learning and development through active civic engagement and participation. The Guide will contain 3 main chapters: Chapter 1 – What is Design Thinking?; Chapter 2 – How can Design Thinking Support Adult Education Delivery?; Chapter 3 – How to Embed Design Thinking in Adult Education?

The guide will be available in electronic format for free download and use of adult trainers.