For fifth year our team will work in cooperation with European Patients Forum to implement a capacity building programme for patient organisation from all over Europe. Between 25-30 organisation will be selected to engage in the 6-months programme with our team with different focus this year, i.e. fundraising and engagement.

The Fundraising and Engagement topic of this year’s capacity building module arises from the uncertainty and difficulties that patient organisations are put through, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patient organisations are under great pressure to keep running their day-to-day work as well as respond to the new emerging needs from their members. The pandemic crisis has made it difficult for many to secure funding from membership fees, and attend in-person fundraising events and conferences.

In 2021, the economic crisis is starting to impact patient organisations, as funding is diverted towards other beneficiaries, leaving patient organisations to seriously rethink their fundraising strategy. In this framework, supporting the fundraising and engagement strategy is key to ensure the sustainability of patient organisations.

Grassroots patient organisations are still facing difficulties in keeping in touch with their communities and volunteers that faced their own personal challenges and battles during the pandemic.

During the module, participants will gain insight into the complexity of these issues and address them through interactive webinars, group exercises, case studies and best practices, concrete action plans and coaching opportunities.

Our team of professionals is privileged to be able to work with inspiring and motivated people from the patient organizations community and improve their skills on fundrasing and engagement of patient community.