#Inspiration, #motivation, #empowerment and #womenstrengths marked our multiplier event, organised by Your Ideas Matter in Sofia, Bulgaria on September, 8th as part of the Voice UP – Women’s successful job return project. The event was attended by 40+ people from different organisations, working with disadvantaged women. With the support of АфриКая / AfriKaia, an organisation spreading the African culture in Bulgaria through art and music, we invited several organisations to discuss the topic and situation of disadvantaged women in the country. It was a pleasure to have Martina from Jagadamba, a training and development organisation, who actively participated in the making of Voice UP Online Training Activities, to demonstrate the Voice UP Empowerment Game among the participants. All participants received a printed copy of the game to be used in their daily work with disadvantaged women.

Among the organisations invited to organise a discussion along the topic of women empowerment was Dignita, an organisation working actively for the prevention of trafficking of human beings and providing remedies and assistance to victims.  They presented the main risks and approach for human trafficking, as well as some tips and advices on how to prevent such. EMPROVE – а unique social and technological innovation, developing an online tool, that supports women on their Journey to Empowerment and Independence with gamified training missions, free dedicated mentors and inspiring networking opportunities, were also part of the event with useful information and tips on their initiatives for prevention of women abuse (#РАНОБУДНА). Caritas Sofia who assist the most vulnerable members of our society in finding their way to dignity and justice regardless of their religious beliefs, race, gender and other differences, presented their main initiatives and activities.

It was great to have Бистро Каристо – a social enterprise, part of Caritas Sofia who are working and giving chances to people in disadvantage position and refugees.

Our event was even more enriched by the online connection and participation of Dafadoy CVFFE from Senegal with whom we discussed and shared good practices in women empowerment from both countries.

Great discussions and added value on the topics, related to women empowerment provided all trainers, speakers and stakeholders who participated. The event was closed up by some feedback on the experiences during the 4-hours journey in the field of women empowerment.

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