“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earheart.

… and we did it!

Voice UP project has been implemented in five European countries in the last two years by CREFOP in Romania, Your Ideas Matter in Bulgaria, BEST in Austrian, LoPe in Norway and Speha Fresia SC in IT and despite all Covid-19 challenges and limitations.

Voice UP relies its philosophy on empowerment and the understanding that one of the driving factors for sustainable employment is through fostering individuals’ motivation for learning and development. The main project goal is to equip adult trainers with the adequate methodology (Voice UP Guide for Training) and resources (Voice UP Online Training Activities and Voice UP Empowerment Game) in effective teaching of their courses to disadvantaged women who are trying to return to the job market.

The development process brought to live an additional product, i. e. Voice UP Methodological and Transferability Guide, which presents methodological clarifications on the use of the Voice UP Board game, including instructions for online use as well as the transferability potential of the game in other context and educational sectors.

In overall, our project activities reached 60 adult trainers through the testing and piloting activities and 190+ disadvantaged learners involved in the piloting and exploitation activities. The project has been presented to the main stakeholders in the sector in 5 final events and dissemination activities, reaching 1200+ adult trainers and learners in all partnering countries.

Check out our products, ready to be used in face-to-face and online trainings with your learners.