WHAT we offer?

We are happy to co-organise and offer you an amazing 2-day retreat on June 14 – 15, 2019 in Bulgaria. This retreat is especially interesting for you if you want to fine tune your leadership style to the current challenges of the modern world. Then this 2-day retreat is your opportunity to take a leap forward as a leader and as a human being.

We have created a program that uses proven methods and steps to deliver you the results you wish for. We are flexible enough to tailor the retreat to you specific questions and needs. We will use different methods and approaches, among which the narrative approach, business constellations, appreciative inquiry, theory U and non duality.

WHY a Dragon’s journey?

A dragon is a mythical animal, who symbolizes both chaos and order at the same time. The creature units all four primal elements: earth, fire, water and wind. These are in perfect balance within this magical creature. In most stories a dragon defends a treasure which is important for the hero’s journey.

As a leader you also have to deal with constant changing situations, which sometimes give you the feeling of chaos that needs to be structured. In the retreat you will make a journey to find both the dragons inside and outside yourself and the leadership treasures it is defending. Treasures that will make you conscious of new insights in your leadership.

WHO are the Dragons?

We are trainers, coaches and organisational consultants. Our background is mainly in the field of capacity building for business and NGO organisations.

We are linked with different international movements – Reinventing organisations (Frederic Laloux), Presencing / Theory U (Otto Scharmer), the Narrative Approach, Systemic Wisdom and Constellations.

During the event we will all be present and actively involved in your journey. This way you can benefit from our combined talents and skills. Read the bio’s of the trainers

For more information you can check the retreat ‘s WEBSITE.