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On 27.03.2024 in the Social Innovators Bulgaria hub we stated a series of discussions under the name of “Conversation on INTUITION, ep.1”. The idiator and moderator Dr. Lachezar Africanov, lecturer at the NBU in the field of educational leadership, chose an interesting form for the event. He had invited three main panelist- a Gestalt play therapist, a philosopher and an artist. The 40+ people in attendance, with a variety of professions, skills and beliefs, also became active participants in the discussion.

Lachezar Afkanov opened the discussion with one of the many definitions of intuition as “a complex function of our way of thinking” and related its emergence to the experience gained in a given field. He illustrated this with the christomatic example of firefighters putting out a fire when the most experienced one shouts “Get out quickly” because he foresees an imminent collapse or explosion.

The presenter pointed out some necessary conditions for intuition to work well and put first the life goals and how important and useful they are for the individual. With this came the saying – one must be realistic and not give intuition magical powers, nor believe that intuition is the ultimate guide, especially when making financial decisions. He also stated that intuition is more of a way of acquiring knowledge without the need for reasoning and proof, without understanding how that knowledge is acquired, yet it remains a floating and debatable term.

Lachezar Africanov led the discussion towards the possibilities of activating intuition, pointing out that this is difficult to do in our hectic daily lives when we are constantly under pressure. He recommended meditation and breathing exercises to get out of the daily routine. “Aimless wandering – doing aimless things, giving the part of us that plans and decides a break to give our system a chance to balance and access that inner resource we call intuition,” he said.

The possibility of activating intuition through associative cards (metaphorical images, tarot, dixit, oh cards), to provoke the imagination, and the importance of bodily conditioning, which should be calm, energetic, but relaxed, was pointed out.

Attention was also drawn to the relationship between intuition and dreams. Opinions were expressed that we are dreams and even the whole reality is a dream. This led to the question of faith and the possibility that intuition is a connection to a Higher Power. It became clear that believers inherently rely on support from a Higher Power and leave themselves in its hands.

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